The Value of Performance Optimization

You've seen process implementation, transaction rate increase, data growth...all constantly increasing the pressure on your IT infrastructure's IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) capacity. Batch jobs that used to run 2 hours now take 7, nightly processes stretch halfway through the business day, or web services and interactive requests take 5-10 seconds or more to respond.

...and your phone rings.

Unfortunately, the "quick and easy" solution to these problems is often hardware-centric. Just spend several hundred thousand dollars (or more!!) and your currently overtaxed IBM i systems will magically accommodate your long running or bottle-necked processes. The problem is, the addition of more memory and a few new processors and upgrades is a costly and short-term solution at best.

iPerformance Group's experienced performance and efficiency experts can maximize your return on your existing hardware investment. We can squeeze the maximum capability from your systems, allowing you to postpone or even negate the need for costly hardware upgrades and software license increases.

iPerformance Group's comprehensive performance optimization services include:

• DB2 Database performance analysis
• DB2 SQL optimization and training for developers
• iDoctor Job Watcher, PEX analysis to detect system bottlenecks or areas for improvement
• Detailed documentation of analysis findings, complete with specific recommendations
• Application rewrites in RPG, COBOL, Shell Script, CL programming as needed

iPerformance Group will tailor a custom performance optimization roadmap for your environment. We are then happy to deliver these recommendations to your team, or to work alongside you providing services and training to implement new and efficient solutions on your IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) platform.